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 Home Education Books

Recommended reading - don't forget that you can request most of these
books from the library.

The Law

[Bullet] Any books by John Holt

John Holt wrote 10 books between 1964 and 1981 about home education and how children learn. He also started the home education magazine called "Growing Without Schooling". His books have inspired many people to home educate including us!   His titles include "Teach Your Own", "How Children Fail", "How Children Learn", "Learning All The Time" and "Never Too Late" (autobiography).

[Bullet] [Free Range Education website]
Free Range Education
Editor: Terri Dowty
foreword by Dr Alan Thomas.
to be published by Hawthorn Press, November 2000

Free Range Education is a book written by twenty home educating families including ours! Each family has written about how home education works for them and includes contributions from children as well as adults. There is also information on useful organisations, information about places that offer free admission to home educators, doing exams etc. and a hefty legal chapter. Much of the information is included on the FREd web site along with activities and is well worth a visit even if you don't buy the book!

[Bullet] Educating Children at Home by Alan Thomas

This book will give you an insight into how home education is approached by families in the UK.  Alan Thomas conducted a study of 100 home educating families in the UK and Australia looking at how parents teach their children at home and how they adapt conventional methods of teaching.  Education Otherwise members can buy it direct from the author for £12.99, otherwise it's £14.99. 

[Bullet] Doing it Their Way by Jan Fortune-Wood
Educational Heretics Press.

The theory and practice of autonomous education in the UK. Part 1 discusses the 'Theory and Philosophy of Autonomous Learning' and part 2 'The Experience of Autonomous Learning'. There is a detailed summary of the book at www.home-education.org.uk

[Bullet] Those unschooling minds: Home Educated children grown up
by Julie Webb

An examination of the outcomes of home education based on interviews with twenty home educated people now mainly in their twenties and thirties.